Do Not Believe Everything You Read

15 January, 2009 0

I am spitting mad. Once again, The Times has got it wrong, either deliberately due to editorial bias or though lazy research. If you look at page three today there is a huge headline that […]

Rights and Responsibilities

12 January, 2009 0

I spoke in assembly today about the UN convention on human-rights and how rights and responsibilities go hand in hand. Indeed, they are often a reflection of each other. And so too at School where the […]

Welcome Back

06 January, 2009 0

Welcome to the Lent Term 2009. This is my new blog where I hope to post reasonably frequent items of interest or information you may need to know as a pupil or a parent. Much […]

Oxbridge Superstars Show the Way

08 January, 2009 0

In case you haven’t heard, four of Year 13 have been successful in getting conditional places at Oxford and Cambridge. This means they have to achieve certain grades in their A Levels later this year. […]

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