Teachers Go Back To School

10 March, 2009 0

You will probably have noticed that many of the teachers are busy this week being trained in how to make the best use of the ActivExpression response pads. You know, the voting devices that you have […]

Phantom of the Opera

06 March, 2009 0

It’s not what you think. Tonight I’m going to be a phantom at the opera. I’ll be honest, I’m not a great opera fan. However, I love great entertainment and a spectacle and great music […]

A Time For Reflection

04 March, 2009 0

Today, I’m on my way to a meeting of Heads which lasts three days (I’m only staying for one night) at which there will be a range of speakers covering all sorts of topics. My […]

Lent Is a Joyous Time

27 February, 2009 0

So the season of Lent has begun and traditionally this means giving things up and wearing sackcloth to make us feel we are suffering. It’s relatively easy to give something up for Lent and fasting […]

Con-venerunt, Con-spexerunt, Con-probaverunt

13 February, 2009 0

Well, our “grannies” have gone home after four days at the school. They presented their findings to the Governors and senior staff yesterday afternoon and will spend the next few weeks putting it all into […]

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