Rights and Responsibilities

I spoke in assembly today about the UN convention on human-rights and how rights and responsibilities go hand in hand. Indeed, they are often a reflection of each other.

And so too at School where the pupils have certain rights that have to be exercised alongside their responsibilities to other pupils, adults and themselves. In the Senior School we have a simple Code of Conduct that steers pupils in their daily life. Our Code of Conduct says students are expected to:

  • show commitment to learning
  • be honest, considerate and courteous to others
  • contribute with enthusiasm and to the best of their ability
  • show respect for themselves and for their environment
  • promote the reputation of the School

Recently, the Student Council, elected from all years, has been discussing what this means in the way students behave in the classroom and around the school. They have come up with a classroom-code-of-conduct which we will be implementing immediately.

If you would like to know more about Human Rights join the Amnesty Group which Mrs Ball helps to run or look at the Youth for Human Rights site.

Mike Buchanan