Welcome Back

Welcome to the Lent Term 2009. This is my new blog where I hope to post reasonably frequent items of interest or information you may need to know as a pupil or a parent.

Much of the press, television and other media are focusing on the doom and gloom of the recession. Even the most self-obsessed teenager cannot fail to have noticed that there is a great deal of concern about what might happen in 2009. Tough economic times can mean hardship for adults and children alike as the stress of worrying about jobs, the mortgage or a decrease in living standards is transmitted to children at home and through the media. It is hard to be optimistic in the face of overwhelming pessimism. There are many reasons to be cheerful and here are some of mine:

  • interest rates are the lowest they have been for ages
  • there are endless bargains to be found in the shops and on ebay
  • word burning stoves are back in a massive way
  • the seventh series of 24 is about to start
  • cycling and walking are cool – I should do some
  • the Internet, on balance, is fantastic
  • thanks to Helen Mirren, middle age doesn’t start ’til 60
  • standards of personal hygiene amongst most teenagers have risen
  • racism, misogyny and homophobia are all in retreat
  • polio has been eradicated in all but four countries
  • Viz magazine continues to prosper
  • Andy Murray is looking good for 2009
  • Australia are still the top cricketing nation in the world
  • Usain Bolt is the coolest guy on the planet
  • Barrick Obama has a brain and seems capable of using it
  • Alaska still has Sarah Palin as its Governor
  • tank tops are back
  • Mama Mia was sensational
  • Jonathan Ross if off the air
  • The Large Hadron Collider will reveal the mystery of the universe this year
  • Kate Marfleet won her class at the International Horse Show at Olympia
  • Uma Diveka and Lucy Musselwhite have gained conditional places at Cambridge
  • Miss Miles was married in December and is now Mrs Timms
  • Miss Joana Dores joins us to teach Spanish
  • 2009 is the Year of Astronomy and in honour of that the codes on the doors will change this week
  • I enjoy my job and love the Ashford School pupils

Happy New Year

Mike Buchanan