Seeking to be rich is not intrinsically evil

12 April, 2016 0

The recent hullabaloo over David Cameron’s tax affairs and the revelation that his mother gave him a legitimate gift of £200,000 after the death of his father has unhelpfully conflated a number of key issues. […]

How should we keep fear away?

16 November, 2015 0

Here is the script I used in speaking with the school in assembly today (with thanks to and acknowledgment of The Conversation) The attacks in Paris on Friday last were the deadliest on French soil since 1945. […]

Opening letter of the New Year

02 September, 2015 0

Welcome to the new school year and a particularly warm welcome to those of you who are new to Ashford School (Bridge Nursery, Prep School, International Centre and Senior School). We welcome 14 new teachers […]

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